This is what Interposition Looks like

Dan Fisher has served on the Oklahoma legislature for two terms. Dan is now running for governor. His platform includes a promise of interposition for the preborn and open defiance of the federal judiciary and SCOTUS. The murder of the preborn stops in Oklahoma. Dan rightly understands the doctrine of the lesser magistrates and that judicial supremacy is a fiction.

Here is a 6-minute video of Dan speaking on this important subject. (There have already been 125,000+ views).

This past May the Oklahoma legislature became the first legislative body since the Roe v. Wade opinion was issued by the Supreme Court to pass a Resolution declaring abortion to be murder and calling upon all state officials to treat it as such. Now the state has a viable gubernatorial candidate speaking of abolition of abortion through interposition.

Here is a link to Dan’s Campaign site.

Here is a link to Dan’s Facebook page (take time to ‘Like’ it).