“It’s time to tell the judiciary to go to hell!”

We agree with most of what Daniel Horowitz has to say in this article – but we disagree with his solution. Congress will not limit the judiciary’s jurisdiction as Congress is a weakling and a puppet for the wealthy and the special interests. His solution is pie-in-the-sky.  What is needed is interposition. Nevertheless he has much good to say in this interview about the lawless state of the federal judiciary and most state courts also. So we post it here.

From the article:  “This is worse than King George!” Horowitz exclaimed. “He didn’t have this power – I mean, he didn’t get involved in the methods and procedures of elections for the colonial legislatures at all. They were fighting taxation without representation; we’re fighting social transformation without representation.”

Horowitz said the circuit court’s rulings on North Carolina’s election laws are emblematic of a larger problem – federal courts are crushing the states, essentially forbidding them from governing themselves.

“At some point the states have got to just say ‘No,’” he insisted. “See, we’re winning in the states. We have 32 governors, we control the trifecta of governance, two branches of the legislature and a governor, in 24 states. We have the potential to even grow from there. But we don’t benefit from it because the feds are crushing us.”

Horowitz said state legislatures have become a joke, with liberal special interest groups able to vault over their heads with help from the federal courts.   “We need to return state legislatures to the power they had at the founding, the power they were supposed to have, and it at least starts with getting the unelected branch of the federal government out of our hair,” he said. “It’s time to tell the judiciary to go to hell.”

In order to do that, we don’t need a constitutional amendment, according to Horowitz. In fact, the idea that conservatives are the ones who need to change the Constitution is completely wrongheaded.  [Click here to read the whole article].