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Disobey the supreme Court – Obey God.

(*the “s” in supreme Court is small in the Constitution itself.) The supreme Court has refused to intervene and has allowed California’s governor to tell churches how they can meet and how many Christians can meet together at a time. The supreme Court is wrong.

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The Three Bodyguards of America’s Tyrant

by Matthew Trewhella Plato, as is told in the histories of the gentiles, when he saw Dionisius the tyrant of Sicily surrounded by his bodyguards, asked him, “What harm have you done that you should need to have so many guards?”  -John of Salisbury, Policraticus,

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Judicial Tyranny

Government by Judiciary: A Book Review

This is a short, excellent review of Raoul Berger’s magnum opus Government by Judiciary: The Transformation of the 14th Amendment – a book we at the Lesser Magistrate Project would hope all Americans would read. The book has caused no small stir for 40 years

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