Over 100 Pastors in Ohio Start a Fight against Judicial Supremacy

From the news article:

“Why have a Legislature when one unelected judge can strike down any law that does not fit his political agenda? Unaccountable judges in the Federal court system have suppressed the voices of freedom in our nation — starting with people of religious conviction. Judicial supremacy has ultimately created a culture of dictatorship,” said Rev. J.C. Church, Leading Pastor of Victory in Truth Ministries and a Director with the Family Research Council, in the press release.

The 106 pastors issued a letter which stated in part, “Absent of any constitutionality, these 600 unelected bureaucrats are silencing voters by establishing their own court opinions as law of the land, and micromanaging public policy against the will of the governed.”

Such cases show the federal government has allowed the judiciary to become a “Federal Court Tyranny” and urged lawmakers to… [click here to read the brief news story and watch the video of the news conference].

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