Justice Moore, the Supreme Court and the Divine Right of Kings

The judiciary cannot and will not correct America’s ills as they are the imposers of decadence and injustice in America. Here is an article that understands America’s dire situation and the need for interposition.

From the article:   Samuel Rutherford had to deal with the pagan doctrine of law which came to be known as the “divine right of the king”. Later, even in the midst of a profitable Parliament this “divine right” was sought to be transformed into the “divine right of Parliament” – even Blackstone reiterates some of this evil and pagan philosophy. At the hearing in Montgomery, Alabama yesterday the evolution of this pagan foundation has now morphed into the self-proclaimed “divine right of the judiciary” – more specifically for our society, SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States).

On every side the argument was advanced that once the SCOTUS has spoken…  [click here to read the whole short article].