Police Officer Arrested for Interposing at American Deathcamp

A Las Vegas police officer was arrested after arriving at an abortion clinic on Ranchero Dr. where Christians were blocking the entrance in an attempt to protect the preborn from a brutal death. Rather than join the other officers in arresting the Christians, however, officer Chet Gallagher joined the blockade by sitting down with the Christians blocking the entrance.

Officer Gallagher later stated:
“I have the sworn responsibility to protect human life. It alone is the highest call and most important duty of every commissioned peace officer. The protecting of human life is the priority that must be considered over less significant property and personal rights of others. Therefore I exercise my discretion as a commissioned law enforcement officer, choosing not to arrest these rescuers, but standing with them in their attempt to prevent certain death to unborn children.”

This took place in January 1989.

Now you can hear Officer Gallagher’s personal testimony. [Click here to watch the 30-minute video]. Please take time to listen to it all – it is powerful.

Chet Gallagher is the only government official to interpose on behalf of the preborn in his official duty in the history of our nation. Not one governor, not one legislature, not one mayor, not one city council have ever stood in interposition on behalf of the preborn. All have complied with the fiction that the Supreme Court can make law – even in the face of brutal murder.

Note: Officer Gallagher encountered some technical difficulties the first two minutes of his testimony.