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Instructing the Magistrates and the People - Open Letter to Government Officials and Citizens of the State of Kentucky

Instructing the Magistrates and the People

For too long Christian men have avoided the public realm of civil government. The result has been that wicked men have now filled the void and have put their worldview into place through the force of law and public policy.

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Application of the Doctrine

Police Officer Arrested for Interposing at American Deathcamp

A Las Vegas police officer was arrested after arriving at an abortion clinic on Ranchero Dr. where Christians were blocking the entrance in an attempt to protect the preborn from a brutal death. Rather than join the other officers in arresting the Christians, however, officer

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County Commissioner Defies Federal Judge

A County Commissioner in Carroll County, Maryland, has refused to obey a Federal judge’s order to not invoke the name of Jesus in prayer. “I am willing to go to jail. If we cease to believe our rights came from God, we cease to be

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Application of the Doctrine

Pastor Matt interviewed on Janet Mefferd Show

Below is the link to an hour-long interview that Pastor Matt Trewhella did on the doctrine of the lesser magistrates. The show airs on over 200 stations nationwide. May the Lord stir the hearts of many! Click here to listen to the interview!

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