SCOTUS Spits on the Preborn Yet Again – Lesser Magistrates Stand Down

How shocking. The U. S. Supreme Court has once again sided with wicked men and against the preborn. Yes, all of the pro-life groups act as though this is an outrage. Yet, this same routine has been going on for decades; with the same outcome yet again. And yes, be assured, the pro-life groups will do it all over again; with the same outcome again… Hey, this keeps them in business – and their coffers full of money.

Will Texas magistrates now play the common song – “the federal courts have ruled – all we can do now is obey” – or will they do their duty and interpose by defying SCOTUS?

Apparently we already know the answer. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, criticized the ruling. “The decision erodes states’ lawmaking authority to safeguard the health and safety of women and subjects more innocent life to being lost,” he said in a statement. “Texas’ goal is to protect innocent life while ensuring the highest health and safety standards for women.”

This is how this part of the outcome goes – every time. The state magistrates wag their finger at the Court and then go along with their opinion as though it is law.

When will we and the magistrates learn that this injustice will not be fixed by the Courts. The Courts are the tyrants. You cannot appease a tyrant – you have to confront him. It is time for the other branches of government to do their duty – at all levels – and interpose against a lawless federal judiciary.

The state magistrates should also cut themselves off from the pro-life movement – a horde of peddlers that seem more interested in filling their coffers (already their fundraising emails are out) off the bloody backs of the murdered preborn than seeing this brutal bloodshed outlawed. Gov. Abbott was just parroting what he hears from the pro-life groups when he said “Texas’ goal is to protect innocent life while ensuring the highest health and safety standards for women.”

He makes preborn children sound like a nebulous life-form. He also makes the issue about women – not the butchered preborn who are suffering under this vicious injustice. But he is parroting.

As Kristan Hawkins, the president of Students for Life of America, said outside the court after the ruling. “Today women lost. Today the Supreme Court put politics over the health and safety of women in our country.”

The “pro-life movement” needs to be kicked to the curb and every Christian and “pro-lifer” needs to quit funding their failed policies.

This fight is about the preborn and the vicious injustice they are suffering under. “Pro-lifers” need to adopt the stance and rhetoric of the abolitionists – or this pretentious horse and pony show will go on for another 40 years. We must demand immediate interposition and total abolition of abortion – and accept nothing less. Otherwise spare me the outrage if you continue to hold to the same tired paradigm the pro-life movement has followed for 40 years – with the same outcome yet again a few years from now.

Matthew Trewhella is the pastor of Mercy Seat Christian Church ( He and his wife, Clara, have eleven children and reside in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. You can obtain his book The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates: A Proper Response to Tyranny and A Repudiation of Unlimited Obedience to Civil Government at or by going to the websites or