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“Constitutional” Lockdowns are Still Tyranny

by Zach Garris, April 23, 2020 Debates are taking place as to whether current government action in response to the coronavirus is constitutional. Judge Napolitano at Fox News said such government action is unconstitutional even during a crisis. The state shutdowns are violating the U.S.

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Roe v. Wade Does NOT Supersede State Law

by Zachary Garris, president of the Federalist Society at Wayne State University Law School Oklahoma State Senator Joseph Silk has introduced a bill that would criminalize abortion. Known as the “Abolition of Abortion in Oklahoma Act,” Senate Bill 13 would define abortion as homicide and

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Is the Supreme Court the Ultimate Arbiter of the Constitution?

by Zach Garris,  President of the Federalist Society at Wayne State University Law School Americans today consider the Supreme Court to be the final arbiter of the Constitution. Politicians and voters alike will fight tooth and nail over legal questions facing the judicial system, even

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Application of the Doctrine

The Interposition of Yet Another Sheriff

Elkhart County, Indiana Sheriff – Brad Rogers – interposed against the feds on behalf of a farmer in his jurisdiction who was being harassed for his distribution of raw milk. The Sheriff (among other actions) wrote to the Department of Justice the following:  “I understand

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