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Application of the Doctrine

Kansas Legislature Interposes Against COVID-19 Hysteria & Tyranny

The Kansas legislature has demonstrated how interposition works by revoking Governor Laura Kelley’s draconian order regarding churches being allowed only ten people to gather. Here is the story from the Wichita Eagle (which not surprisingly blackballs the legislators as they haven’t gone with the media’s

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Application of the Doctrine

In Light of COVID-19 and Unjust Government Actions

This is our latest 4-minute video with the Youtube link so you can share it with your email list and post it in other places, including social networking and news articles. Americans need to learn about interposition which is an historic Christian doctrine. In this

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Coronavirus & Government Actions

Here is a 3-minute video we published regarding COVID-19. Major red flags are being raised from the government’s coronavirus response. Unchecked government overreach is as real of a threat as the coronavirus itself. Is what we’re seeing a dry run for something in the future?

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