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Application of the Doctrine

A County Taken by Christians: Our latest 3 minute video

In February 2022, Pastor Matt Trewhella spoke on the doctrine of the lesser magistrates in five counties in Michigan – and people’s hearts were on fire! People ran for county government – and they removed the tyrants in three counties this past November! Here is

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2nd Amendment

Revolt of the Sheriffs in Illinois

County Sheriffs in Illinois are defying the unconstitutional actions of the state. 80 of the 102 counties have now declared their defiance of the so-called “assault weapons ban” in Illinois. The defiance of the sheriffs is an act of interposition and a demonstration of the

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WHERE ARE THE MEN? Our latest 4-minute video

Manhood is a virtue lost in America today. All of the culture, including American Christianity, has suppressed and ridiculed manhood. Many forget what manhood actually means. To be a man means to fulfill the God created order intended for man, to follow Christ and represent

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